Draught Proofing

Draught Proofing


Sash windows have a 3mm air gap around the sashes to allow the sashes to slide past each other and operate smoothly.

It is this air gap that causes the inherent problems associated with sash windows, such as draughts, rattles, dust ingress and reduced energy efficiency. By installing the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) we can eliminate these problems.

Our high performance Weatherfin Pile becomes an integral part of your window, installed in our unique parting bead between the sashes, in the new staff beads around the window and installed directly into the mid and bottom rail of your sash windows:

  • Manufactured from polypropylene, includes fin that stands 1.5mm proud of the pile
  • Pile heights range from 3mm to 15mm, with a width of 6.7mm, to suit all gap sizes
  • Silicone treated to improve water repellency and is ultra violet stabilised

Our unique two-piece parting bead replaces the existing part beads, with the Weatherfin Pile already installed:

  • A ‘U’ shaped section is screwed into the original parting bead groove
  • Detachable pile carrier is snapped into the U section to allow future removal of sashes
  • The height of the required Weatherfin Pile is established to eliminate Air Infiltration and allow low friction operation
  • The parting bead is extruded in specifically formulated unplasticised resistant grade uPVC, giving excellent resistance to weathering
  • Supplied in a range of colours and can be colour matched to suit all finishes


  • Suitable for both Sash and Casement windows and timber doors

  • Tested to withstand winds equivalent to 115 kmph winds

  • Also helps to eliminate rattles

  • Keeps the warm air in and the cold air out and vice versa

  • Sash Window Draught Proofing also keeps out dust and dirt and provides noise reduction from outside